Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Shield Door Protector...Click To Buy

Pet Dog Shield Door Protector
Your home is an investment, something in which you take great pride, so protect your investment from pet claw marks with our clear plastic door shield. Pets don't understand the beauty of your door; they just want to communicate the need to go out or come inside. Now you can protect doors from dog scratches with our door shield that keeps sharp claws from connecting with your door's finish.
The virtually invisible, plastic door shield attaches to your door with either double-stick tape or screws (both are included). The door shield comes in a generous 35"x33"- tall size but can be cut to the specific dimensions of your door.

Benefits of the Door Shield:

Protect doors from dog scratches with the crystal-clear plastic door shield
Installs in minutes, our door shield can be cut to fit your specific door measurements
The door shield can be attached with double-stick tape or screws, both of which are included
Our sturdy plastic door shield is practically invisible yet is strong enough to resist the sharp claws of your dog or cat

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