Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pet Jet Washer....Click To Purchase.....Makes Bathing The Dog So Easy

Pet Jet Washer
Let's face it: Most dogs don't like baths. Between holding your pet under the faucet or hose and fumbling with a soapy shampoo bottle, grooming your dog is rarely an easy or enjoyable task, especially if it's a one-person operation! But by squeezing the trigger on the Pet Jet Washer, you'll be able to wash and rinse your dog with one hand, leaving the other free to keep your pet steady. The Pet Jet Washer connects to your hose or faucet with two quick connectors and its 8-foot hose. Its internal shampoo reservoir holds enough shampoo for several washings, so you'll have water and soap available together, ready to apply quickly and evenly to your pet.

Choose from three nozzle settings: wash, rinse and jet spray. The comfort grip handle provides one-handed operation using dual-trigger action: press the button for soap, squeeze the grip for water. An easy-lock button keeps water flowing continuously if desired.

Best of all, you won't have to pay groomers' exorbitant fees again! The Pet Jet Washer will pay for itself after saving you one trip to the dog groomer.

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