Sunday, December 14, 2008

Joe Biden's New German Shepherd Puppy

POTTSTOWN, Pa. - You could say the incoming Democratic administration is already going to the dogs.

Vice President-elect Joe Biden has picked out a 3-month-old male German shepherd from a suburban Philadelphia kennel to bring with him to Washington.

Biden, riding deep with seven black Secret Service vehicles, rolled up to German Shepherd breeder Linda Brown’s home in Chester County, Penn. on Saturday and rolled out having chosen the nation's Second Dog.

President-elect Barack Obama's children will also be getting a dog when they move to Washington.

Jill Biden promised her hubby that if he and Obama won the election they too would buy a dog

Biden's pup, from Jolindy's German shepherd kennel in Spring City, will be trained and housebroken over the next several weeks and delivered after the inauguration.

The owner of the kennel says Biden told her his grandchildren will get to pick a name.

Mark Tobin, who coordinates the K-9 division for police in Biden's home county of New Castle, Del., will do the training.

Apparently, Biden had Tobin scout out breeder Linda Brown beforehand. Brown said Tobin called her up, came to her house to check her out, and told her she had “beautiful dogs.” And, that’s pretty much how it all began.

Brown says the Vice President-elect will be relieved to find his new puppy isn't a political beast.

The puppy he chose is "very even-tempered" she said, and will make a nice family dog.

-- WCAU, NBC Philadelphia contributed to this report

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