Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Saves A Dog With The Help Of The Paparazzi

This isn't from the movie Marley & Me. This is Jennifer Aniston stopping to help catch a dog that was on the loose on Sunset Boulevard. Apparently, a member of the ever-present flock of paparazzi then ran to help find the owner. It's nice to see celebrity photograhers and their victims working together once in awhile. See, famous people? You don't always have to beat on those crazies with the three-foot lenses!

Aniston may have recently developed a bit of a soft spot towards the photographers. They recently saved Jennifer's Aniston's dog all by themselves. Plus, the fact that Aniston recently banked over $8 million in salary in a recent dog-related movie, makes this a love fest all around.
Wasn't it a bit awkward when Jennifer was presenting at The Oscars & they kept putting the camera on Brangelina!!!

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