Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get Pet Urine Wee Stains Out of Carpet

Urine-Gone Stain Odor Cleaner
Black light "sees" the hidden source so you can eliminate odors!
You'll think it's a miracle how the black light can find the pet accidents that you couldn't! Once you've identified the spot, the cleaner's fast-acting enzymes eliminate the stain -- and the odor -- caused by urine, feces, blood and other organic sources!

Extend the life of furniture, carpeting, mattresses and other washable surfaces with this versatile cleaner. With the ULTRALight portable UV black light (included), you can even take care of hidden stains. Just darken the room, turn on the black light and the stains will glow. Removing stains and odors also helps keep Fido and Fifi from re-marking the area.

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