Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greys Anatomy Finale Why George Wrote 007

George: "007. They're calling me 007, aren't they?"
Meredith: "No one's calling you 007."
George: "I was on the elevator and Murphy whispered 007."
Cristina: "Okay, how many times are we going to go through this, George? Five, ten? Give me a number or else I'm going to hit you."
George: "Murphy whispered 007 and everyone laughed."
Izzie: "He wasn't talking about you."
George: "Are you sure?"
Meredith: "Would we lie to you?"
George: "Yes."

Cristina: [about George] "Total 007."
Izzie: "007? What's 007?"
Meredith: "Licensed to kill."
From Season One

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