Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why Dogs Sniff Butt

Whether it is a new acquaintance or old one, they meet up and immediately run to the rear. Most people believe it is their way of saying “hello.“ However, this is a myth. Dogs sniff each other’s butts for a much deeper reason – to get to know one another.

Dogs have two anal glands in their rectums, which emit a strong scent. Dogs sniff each other’s butts in order to get a whiff of it. The aroma they smell gives them detailed information about the other dog.

The aroma emitted from a dog’s butt tells other dogs vital information about him. It tells his sex, health status and temperament. Therefore, on a first meeting, two unacquainted dogs know if they want to befriend each other or not. So what does that mean to us? It means we need to trust our dog’s instincts.

You must trust your pet dog’s initial feelings about another dog. If he doesn’t like him, it is probably for a good reason. The other dog didn‘t pass the sniff test. And remember, dogs are just like us. They don‘t like being forced into a relationship with another dog they hate. So let nature take its course. Let your dog choose his own friends because in the long run he knows best.

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Jahayra said...

I've always wondered about this! Kisses to you and Sam! Xo