Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cat Takes Unexpected UPS Trip

WOODSTOCK IL – Cody the cat was homeward bound this afternoon after he accidentally flew from Dallas to Woodstock earlier this week in a UPS box.

The cat’s owner, Marie Webster, runs Texas-based Chiro Design Group, which supplies materials to chiropractic offices. She was taping up a box about twice the size of a microwave at her office Monday when Cody crept inside.

“We arranged the foam and then we walked off [to] find a label … so I’m thinking he must have gotten in there then,” she said. “I’m sure he was completely panicked.”

Webster and her 9-year-old daughter, Natalie Bennett, searched frantically for Cody for the next couple of days.

Then, on Wednesday, Brett St. Aubin, clinic director of Chiro One Wellness Centers of Woodstock, received the package expecting to find home traction units, which help patients with neck problems.

“We opened it up and we found cat hair on the merchandise,” the chiropractor said. “And [then] I saw the cat. I quickly closed the box back up.”

Cody wasn’t wearing his collar, which had come

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