Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coyotes As Pets? Dont Try This At Home Kids

Coyotes are fearful animals, normally they will run when humans are around, they see us before we ever see them. You do have sick or desperate Coyotes that pose a real threat, but not the norm.

� Coyotes want easy to get prey, sheep, goats, calves, cats, small dogs. Big horses are not a concern or cows, just the calves.

� Foxpens are not liable for damages to livestock because can not be proven that coyote that caused the damage was the one escaped from foxpen.

� Foxpens are not required to tag their wild animals.

� Mini ponies are at risk from Coyotes, but it's not a high risk. Coyotes hunt in 1,2 or 3s not normally a pack, only in desperation do they hunt as a pack, it would take a pack to take a mini horse down.

� Unlike Wolves, Coyotes do not hunt in packs.

� The best livestock protection is the LGD (Livestock Guardian Dog) a male only, females will attract the coyotes.

� The Coyotes are here due to Migration, Expanding their own territory, the government did not bring them into the eastern seaboard.

� The State Wildlife Commission does not get involved for Coyote sightings or Coyote damage unless $50.00 or more worth of damage to livestock. In these cases, they will release a license allowing you (or someone you hire) to trap .

I find coyotes fascinating have spotted a couple a few times in our sub we do not live in the wilderness but the burbs of a big city

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