Monday, November 30, 2009

The Psycology Of Twitter Through The Eyes Of A Poodle...That Be Sam

If you tweet do not take any offence at this article you are probably not a misfit or have any form of social issues or even need your ego massaged (a certain vodka drinking cat springs to mind)

Twitter is all about massaging the ego,becoming accepted,feeling valued,theres a huge emphasis on Twitter on how many followers you have similar to how many people read your blog.I started Twitter on a self promotion tour of my dog blog just mention it occasionally as nothing says unfollow more than those bot tweets that are sent out 24/7.
Its been said by the psychology crowd that social networking is related to narcissistic tendencies,I feel that the internet allows an easy outlet for those tendencies to surface from people who would not normally possess them.I have read between the tweets so to speak that many of my fellow tweeters are shy,misfits and possibly have some form of social issues (or a bit of all three like myself).The psychology crowd have also noted that us twits are reaching out to the world trying to quench that ever present thirst for attention and a sense of importance.
Theres a whole world of people who tweet through their pets such as myself you can follow me om twitter as @samthepoodle which takes such a different twist on what the psycho.crowd reveal.I personally would like to think of my poodle as my human child.I am a child free woman through choice (imagine that).Sam has always been a source of amusement to us in many ways,we imagine him to be like a spoilt child who has everything but no friends.My tweets try to convey this but like many social transactions online they often get lost in translation.
As I said earlier my initial reason for twitter was self promotion but along the way I have made some wonderful friends but also lost a few on the way.

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