Monday, November 02, 2009

Tommy The Throwaway Dog

This story was on our local news last night it upset us allRead Tommy's story CLICK HERE
Tommy was found 10-29-2009 by an employee of Waste Management Systems when he dumped an
over sized trash can into his truck and found that there was a nearly dead dog inside.
The Cahokia Police were called and responded to the scene to start the investigation. The first set of
photo's are from the pictures he took that day and are part of the evidence in this case.
The trash can was located in the 500 block of Mildred in Cahokia. There is a $500.00 reward for
information leading to an arrest in this case.
It is important to note that if not for the kind heart of this officer, this dog would have simply been
hauled off to St. Clair County Animal Control to be euthanized at the end of the day.
No one would ever know of the horrors faced by this poor creature, no one would care, and the only
thing this poor dog would have known for his whole life would be that people are cruel.
Nothing that Hope Rescues can do from this day forward can match what this officer already has done
for this dog. For his actions put in motion the rescue, the medical treatment, and the second chance
our "Tommy" now has.
Thank you Officer Derek Ruberstell.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your act of kindness.

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You can donate via paypal see the side lin bar for no kill animal shelter in Cahokia