Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kitty Is Safe

I found your kitty mid last September with a little blue collar (no info)running up and down the sidewalk near the Carlbro bar.I took him t the vet and got rid of all his parasites and worms and decided to keep him.I looked around the neighborhood often for lost posters but I didn't see a poster for him until months later at the laundromat and by then I was too attactched.
I named him Yukio which means Happy Man in Japanese.He is doing super and gets along great with the other cats.He is very playful and quite naughty even for a kitten and he doesn't take crap from anyone.Top right is him giving his best friend Jasper a bitey hug.He will be safe and loved all his life so dont worry.I hope you see this poster so you know hes ok and will have a happy life so dont worry

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