Monday, March 22, 2010

Injured Dog Walks Himself into ER

Two Saturdays ago, New Mexico animal control officer Robin Loev got a call from the police dispatch saying that there was an injured dog in the emergency room of the local hospital. When Loev went to the San Juan Regional Medical Center to investigate, he saw a dog, hanging its coyote-like head, looking exhausted.

Patients, gathered around the pooch, were giving him water from a cup. He had some blood on his paw and his mouth, and Loev saw a small puncture wound on the dog's leg. He then took the dog to the Farmington Animal Shelter to treat his injuries.

Says Loev, "Was it a coincidence that this dog wandered into a hospital when it was sick and injured?"

Not too far away, the Juckes family, who had lost their dog Scottie after another family dog pushed open the backyard gate, had nearly given up on finding their 11-year-old Sheltie mutt.

For a week, the family had been checking the pound twice daily. After only turning up false leads, the Juckes thought they had lost Scottie for good.

But on Tuesday, March 16, Randy Juckes picked up a copy of the local paper, the Farmington Daily Times, and saw a picture of a dog that looked alarmingly like Scottie on the front page.

"He would have gone up for adoption on Wednesday," Loev tells "It's quite fortunate he ended up in the emergency room. Had he not gotten all that publicity, they wouldn't have found him."

The Juckes, who have since boarded up their backyard gate and given Scottie some new collar tags, are happy to have their beloved dog back, and Scottie is back to his regular, laid-back self, hanging out with the dogs and cats like he always has.

"He's one of the best dogs we've ever had," says Randy Juckes.
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