Sunday, September 12, 2010

Believe In Miracles

Never did I think I would see the day where Sam (10 year old poodle) would let our newly adopted Sasha who's one share a chair with him....this lasted for about three minutes...Blew my mind just proves miracles do happen!!


Anonymous said...

Sam as your BFF this pic is embarrassing, I understand the PR and the photo op, but really...caving is so girlie...YUCK, @MissBusyBiz

Jahayra said...

Soo cute! My Jack got hit by a car a wk ago! Although nothing was broken he has a lot of internal injuries. He is now home and receiving a lot of meds and TLC, we may have to amputate one of his legs where Docs believe there is nerve damage. Doctors said it will not affect eh quality of his life but still breaks my heart to think abotu him missing a leg! :( But I am soo grateful that he is still with us!