Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bleeding Gums

This past weekend our little Sasha became seriously ill we are not use to having a sick dog Sam The Poodle is never ill apart from the occasional stomach upsets.
Sasha is a high energy dog maybe I should even say super high energy I always joke she could make the pope swear.About Tuesday last week she wasnt eating her food quite as fast but was still eating and going walkies.By Friday she was lying around more and just lacked energy and no longer was bugging Sam.I tried walking her Saturday morning and she only made it to the end of the drive and just sat there.By afternoon she was just lifeless and knew something was seriously not right so we rushed up to the vet.

Sasha had no vomiting or diarrhea
Her temperature was 103

After asking questions feeling Sasha all over the vet couldnt quite work it out especially as her temperature was so high.He opened her mouth and then that was when we were all shocked her gums were bleeding alot ...we all knew this was not good.Sash stayed at the vets had lots of tests and exams we picked her up yesterday and now shes totally back to normal.The vet was thinking she had got into medication we only really have aspirin and motrin in the house unless one was unknowingly dropped which is highly unlikely.Shes home and on a weeks course of antibiotics but wanted to share the story.The vet did say in rare cases with a high rise in body temperature this can cause bleeding gums.
This has taught me so much ....Sasha has been through so much in her little one year of life...she can now do anything she pleases...absolutly anything!!!

If your dog stops eating...beware
Open your dogs mouth...pale gums and blood are not good signs


Anonymous said...

Sash since your mum is in such a good mood and will not say NO...would you order me a small but pink Dooney and Burke and have it sent to the house...thanks Sash xo @MissBusyBiz

Jahayra said...

So so glad to hear that lil Sash is doing better! I can't tell y9ou how sad it makes me feel to hear of sick doggies. Squeeze her tight for me. She is so lucky to have come into such a wonderful home! XoXo