Thursday, January 13, 2011

St Louis Firefighter Adopts Rescued Puppy

Today at Humane Society of Missouri Headquarters, the Chrun family of St. Louis City adopted Flori, the 9 month old Labrador mix puppy rescued December 16, 2010 from O’Fallon Park Lake. Firefighter Mark Chrun has been a dedicated member of the St. Louis City Fire Department for more than 26 years.

Flori was named by Humane Society staff in honor of her fire department rescuers. Saint Florian is the patron saint of the fire service.

After being notified by officers of the St. Louis City Police Department, animal cruelty investigators from the Humane Society of Missouri and members of Rescue Squad One of the Marine Unit Task Force of the St. Louis City Fire Department, Rick Vogt and Steve Vaughan, gingerly crawled on the ice and rescued the struggling, drowning dog. The dog was pulled from the lake mere minutes from death after spending at least 45 minutes in the icy waters.

Flori was given emergency oxygen and immediately transported to Humane Society of Missouri headquarters where she received emergency veterinary attention. Although her initial body temperature was dangerously low, the quick actions of Humane Society veterinary and shelter staff allowed her to fully recover.

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