Monday, March 28, 2011

Neighbors In Shoot Out Over Dog Poo Poo

In Baltimore, where upscale condo buildings have considered sending wayward poop for DNA checks and people want "yellow snow" picked up during blizzards, folks should appreciate this crazy tale out of Mississipi.

One neighbor, Terry Tenhet, ended up in the hospital with shotgun pellets in his shoulder, hands, side and chest after he went next door to complain about dog feces on his lawn.

The other neighbor, Jerry Blasingame got upset when he saw Tenhet coming, because he says Tenhet tried to shoot his dog a week earlier -- something Tenhet denies.

"I said 'Jerry, your dog ain't even dead,'" Tenhet told The Associated Press. "He said 'Just meet me at the levee and I'll shoot you down.'"

Tenhet apparently replied, "Man, do what you gotta do."

Blasingame opened fire, and Tenhet went to get his pistol from his car and returned some of his own.

Blasingame ended up with assault charges and there could be legal trouble for Tenhet too

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