Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dogs Get Bullet Proof Vests

ANTIOCH, Calif.—Four Antioch police dogs, including one that was shot in August, have been outfitted with bulletproof vests.
The dogs showed off their new custom-made body armor this week. Each vest weighs about five pounds and is both bullet and knife resistant.

The $1,200 vests come after one of the dogs, a 65-pound Belgian Malinois, was shot in the right shoulder by a burglary suspect in August.

The dog survived and was back on the job two weeks later. But police officials tell the Contra Costa Times that the injury might have been avoided if the dog had been wearing one of the vests.

The vests were provided by The Police and Working K-9 Foundation, a group that also helps pay for emergency medical care for police dogs.

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