Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poodle Names

Anna or Hannah – from Hebrew name Channah which meant "favor" or "grace".

Astra - Beautifu female name means "star".

Ada - Short form of Adelaide. Popular German girl name means "kind".

Alice - This German female name mean "nobility".

Amore - Means "love" in Italian. Good name for any female puppy.

Barbie - "Look how beautiful I am, and I love to play." Perfect name for a toy Poodle.

Barker - If your little friend loves barking, then this name is just for him.

Basilio - Italian and Spanish variations of the Greek word "basileus" meaning "king".

Bella - Means "beautiful" in Italian. Your girl puppy Poodle deserves it.

Cale - Short of Hebrew name Caleb which means "dog".

Carol - This name is good for a boy or girl Poodle. The name means "song" or "hymn".

Cleo - Your female Poodle will love this name. It's short of Cleopatra which was the name of the famous queen of Egypt.

Curly - You can't find the better name that describes Poodle as good as this one.

Deb or Debby - Female name, short of Deborah. It means "bee" in Hebrew.

Digger - This name describes itself.

Frankie - Pet form of Frank which is popular German male name.

Fred - Short of Frederick. Another German name meaning "peaceful ruler".

Gypsy - This dog loves to play and dance, especially for a candy.

Henry - From the Germanic name Heimerich which meant "home ruler".

Mimi - Italian pet form of Maria. What a beautiful name for a small Poodle.

Mirabella - Italian girl name, means “wonderful” in Latin.

Nat or Nathan - Means "giver" in Hebrew.

Natalie - This female name is very popular in European countries with slight variations. It's Natasha in Russian, Natanaele in Italian, Natalka in Ukrainian.

Nils - nice short name for a male puppy.

Neo - Excellent English name for a boy puppy. The meaning is "new". This name became very popular after the movie "Matrix".

Pamela - Good name for a female standard Poodle. In Greek it means “honey”.

Paula - Means small in Latin. Nice choice for a girl miniature or toy Poodle.

Poppy - Name of a flower.

Rasa - Russian origins meaning dew.

Rose – Not only a flower, but also an old German word meaning “fame”. Ask your Poodle if wants to be famous.

Sarah – In Hebrew it means “princess”. Poodle dogs are the best candidates for that name.

Serena - From the Latin “serenus” meaning calm and serene. In Russian “serena” means “siren”. See by yourself which one describes your Poodle better.

Sonya - This is a Russian abbreviation of the name Sofya meaning "wisdom". Russian word "sonya" also means someone who likes to sleep. Does this describe your Poodle puppy?

Tai - Means "very big" in Chinese. Call your miniature Poodle this name to make it feel better about its size.

Tara - Beautiful female name means "star" in Sanskrit. Good name for a loved dog.

Tasha - Short of Russian name Natasha. Good name for miniature or toy Poodle.

Tau - Male African Name means "lion". Doesn’t Poodle haircut remind you this animal?

Ted - Excellent name for a boy dog. It's short, easy to pronounce, and has pet form Teddy as well as full, more prestigious form Theodore. This name has Greek roots and means "gift of god".

Terra - Beatiful female name means "land" in Latin.

Uzi - Means "power" in Hebrew. Ideal name for male miniature Poodle with lots of energy.

Vicki - Pet form of Victoria. Names Victor and Victoria are very powerful and popular all over the world.

Walter - Male German name means "ruler of the army". The short version of this name is Walt. Your Poodle will love this name.

Zala - Slovenian female name means "beautiful". This name is ideal for toy or miniature Poodle.

Zaria - Means "dawn" in Russian. Excellent name for a girl Poodle especially if it wakes you up in the morning.

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