Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sugar & Angel

The first 2 pictures are of my beloved dog of 16 years, Angel. One is at a Fall Festival and the other is just at a nice location we came up on while out one day, I sat her up there and she posed and waited for me to take the picture. She was the best dog anyone could ever hope for. She would follow me anywhere and was always by my side. She went to work with me daily and laid at my feet. She would follow me across a log in the woods, through the water, mud, it didnt even matter she went wherever I did. Angel was an awesome mother to two litters of puppies. She also mothered the 2 kittens we had and actually let them nurse from her. (although she didnt have milk at the time) she laid there and let them cuddle with her. She cleaned them and comforted them for a long time and never hurt them in any way. When angel was about 14 we got a dalmation puppy in hopes that she would catch on to Angels ways. Angel took care of her and showed her the ropes. They played and became good friends. They would clean each others ears and eyes and lay close to each other like a mother and child would do. Unfortunately on November 3, 2008 we had to have Angel peacefully put to sleep. She passed in my arms and took her last breath looking me in the eye as if she were thanking me for the life I had given her. I have many fond memories of her. I had her cremated and returned to me. She now rests on the back of my bed where she slept every night.

The other dog belongs to my parents. Her name is Suger. She travels with my parents in their RV and even rides on the motorcycle with them. They dress her up in little hats and doggie shirts and she just goes along with everything. She is a Jack Russel and has become my Parents only child at home. They love her dearly and take awesome care of her.

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