Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loving Joan Rivers On Celebrity Apprentice Here She Is With Her Rescue Dog Max

How did Max come into your life?

My other dog was a Yorkie named Spike who everyone still remembers. He died and even though I had two other dogs at the time, it wasn't the same - I couldn't get over Spike, to the point where I was going to buy a plaque from a catalog that says, "If tears were bricks I'd have a path to heaven for you, my dog." This would not fit in with Fine French Furniture! So I called my vet and told her, I really am in trouble here. It's been two years and I'm buying plaques for around the living room! And she said you need a troubled dog to get your mind off Spike, someone to care for. And Max was a rescue that the vet had up for adoption. He had come through two households and been very abused; he was not in good shape. So now I have Max and Samantha.

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